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Selling your home can be a very stressful experience. The best way to minimise the pressure is to employ the services of an experienced and professional local estate agent.

With over 30 years of combined experience and successful selling in the area, MPH Estate Agents offer an exceptional marketing package for your home with tailored, professionally produced marketing material and brochures for Apartments to Large Country Homes.

Our Residential Sales Service combines our experience and knowledge with all the latest technology such our state-of-the-art touch screen display which is located outside our offices, which means your property is at the fingertips of thousands of potential buyers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your home is likely to be your greatest financial asset. It is important that you choose an agent who will work for you to achieve its best possible price whilst offering professional guidance along the way.


Do you feel comfortable with the Agent?
Do they offer a level of Experience, Knowledge and Trust that is essential when appointing someone to deal with probably your greatest asset?

During the marketing and sale, you will deal with the Agent for two – five months on average.......ENSURE you are comfortable and they are experienced, knowledgeable and capable.

CONSIDER The Valuation.

Do not choose an agent just because they have given you the highest asking price. Some may hope to win your business by flattering you with unrealistic high valuation figures, tie you into a lengthy contract period and then recommended you reduce your properties asking price-often without the agent reducing their fee!. Ask for evidence to support their claims.

CONSIDER The Agent’s Skills

Estate Agents are rarely asked important questions about their level of knowledge and experience, how long have they been Agents?, how long have they been valuing property?
What makes their firm different and why?

All of these questions are very relevant to the likely success of your sale.

Negotiation is a skill which dramatically increases your chance of a sale and can cost you money if handled incorrectly. Ensure you appoint an agent who has the necessary experience.

CONSIDER The Agent’s Marketing Package

As with all things in life you get what you pay for. Estate Agency is no different. Avoid agents who offer to sell your property significantly less than the usual rate. Agents with cheap fees often offer a reduced level service or perhaps they are new to Agency.

Ensure that the service level is high and that the marketing package is exceptional. If they are not marketing themselves well what chance will they have with your property?

It is wise to pay more commission than to lose vast amounts off your selling price.

CONSIDER The Agent’s Use of Technology

A pro-active agent will use all the latest technology to enhance the saleability of your home and to attract buyers. Ensure your agent uses this techno logy which will increase the likely sale of your home through efficiency and ensuring that all genuine buyers are contacted in an efficient manner.

CONSIDER The use of a sale board

The buyers most likely to drive around your area are probably serious buyers.

Ensure you have a For Sale Board that stands out. It is a great advertisement for your home. Serious sellers should have one. It works 7 days a week, 24 hours of every day.

CONSIDER Early Buyers

It stands to reason that the most interested parties will come forward early. Trying to sell over a very long period of time is not wise as the level of interest form initial marketing generally declines. The best time to attract a buyer is early on. Don’t dismiss early offers ......give them serious consideration.


If your home is not selling there are usually three reasons. The agent is not marketing your home well, poor presentation or the price is too high! A good Agent will ensure exceptional marketing to make your home stand out, offer practical advice on presentation and ensure that your property is positioned correctly in the market in terms of the price

For more advise on selling your home, please contact one of the team on 01752 822437.

MPH Estate Agents

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